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Fake Monks in Cambodia

They have been around for years and they’re a pest: fake monks. WHAAATTT??? There are fake monks in Cambodia? Unfortunately, yes. They are easily distinguished from real Buddhist monks, because real Cambodian monks don’t approach strangers directly. Real monks make Read More

Fast boat Phnom Penh-Siem Reap: Do or Don’t?

Broken down fast boat Phnom Penh Siem ReapThe fast boat services from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and vice versa has resumed operating since August 15, 2011.

These fast boat services have been on and off over the last few years, so we’ll see how long this restarted service will last.

Anyway, should you consider this option for travelling between Cambodia’s capital and the temples of Angkor?

To be honest, we would say: NO.

Here are a few (but probably not all) reasons why.

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How to make cheaper international phone calls from Cambodia

Cheaper international phone calls CambodiaIf you use the ‘normal’ international gateways, calling from Cambodia to abroad is very expensive. But that needn’t be, as most mobile phone providers have much cheaper international gateways.

This only applies to calls made from a mobile phone, fixed phone lines do not have access to these cheaper gateways.

Read in this Cambodia Travel Guide ‘tip & trick’ how to make cheaper phone calls from Cambodia to overseas. Of course there are other alternatives, like Skype, but we leave these out of this tip.

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Dangers and Annoyances in Cambodia

Dangers and annoyances in Cambodia Travel GuideCambodia for many people still has a reputation of a dangerous country.
Well, these people are wrong.

If you are not wandering off in far-away places you’ll not come across any landmine.

Pickpockets are active – of course – as they are in your country, just keep your wits about.

There is one thing that can be dangerous in Cambodia: the traffic, especially on the routes between towns.

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Drinking Water & Ice: Is it safe?

Ice in Cambodia, is it safe?A question asked by many travellers: what about the water in Cambodia? Can I drink the tap water and what about the ice in our drinks?

Is it safe, or should I avoid ice in drinks?

Here we explain to you what is safe and unsafe.

What the difference is between the big blocks of ice and ‘clean ice’.

And what the quality is of the tap water in Cambodia.

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