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Traffic & Transport in Cambodia

How to load a moto in CambodiaAs we have outlined on our page Dangers & Annoyances, Cambodia overall is not a dangerous country, with one exception: the traffic.

There are traffic rules, but the Cambodians seem never to have learned them or forgotten the rules the moment they received their driving license (for which they simply might have paid, by the way).

Add to that the mix of all types of different vehicles which are routinely overloaded (whether with goods or people, or both) and you get a picture of the chaos on the roads of Cambodia.

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Smiling Kids of Cambodia

Bright smiles in CambodiaCambodians are very friendly people. They are happy to communicate with any stranger that comes along and even will invite you for a meal at their house.

A smile is never far away and it’s even more true for Cambodian children. No matter how poor they may be, a Khmer kid will always have a big smile for you. It reflects the openness of Cambodians.

Point a camera at a kid and they will burst out in laughter. They like to be photographed and are always anxious to see the result. See on these pictures in our gallery.

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