The Flicks: a different movie experience

So, you are used to those mega super dupe movie theatres in your home country? Have a different experience in Phnom Penh’s only cinema that targets the western movie taste. Just don’t expect one of these concrete multiplex bunkers in a shopping mall, but imagine a small house.

It’s the only cinema in town which targets the local expats with western-orientated blockbusters, art house, kids movies, animations and the classics.

When you arrive there you take the stairs to the second floor, walk through a hallway and end at a bar where there is always somebody to greet you. That’s where you pay your admission to the movie ($3.50) and of course a drink and a bucket of hot buttered popcorn. The bar is in a small lobby and connects to the movie room.

Also here: no cinema seats. No, everything is more relaxed than that. You can lie down on two rows of comfortable soft cushions or two rows of rattan couches with pillows, and watch that 5-meter (16 feet) wide screen with an amazing sound.

The licks movie house Phnom Penh

Since April 2011 the small, cozy movie theatre (or should we say movie house?) is run by Dutchman Ramon Stoppelenburg, who moved to Cambodia’s capital only some 6 months before. When he first visited The Flicks he was in love. The simplicity, the fact that it was all created and organized for the love of movies and movie lovers.

When The Flicks came up for sale (due to the original owners not having enough time anymore to run the place), he created a plan for a micro-credit fundraising event. If all his Facebook-friends and Twitter-followers would lend him $10 he’d be ready to go! And it’s a loan, so after 6 months everybody gets it back. Or, you could choose to change that loan into a donation, not for the cinema but for a micro-credit on, a worldwide active organization that helps small businesses with micro-credits.

Movie screen at The Flicks in Phnom Penh

Ramon succeeded in getting the needed funds together. But hey, leave that to the man famous for his website letmestayforaday. Now, he is the proud owner of The Flicks.

The Flicks, 39B Street 95 (just east of the Tuol Sleng Museum), Phnom Penh.

The weekly movie schedule can be found on The Flicks website.

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