See Phnom Penh from above

Here you see an interactive satellite map of Phnom Penh and surroundings, provided by Wikimapia. You can clearly see the ‘Four Faces’ of Phnom Penh: the rivers in the north are the Tonle Sap and the Upper Mekong, to the south the Tonle Bassac and the Lower Mekong. The large island in the Mekong to the north of Phnom Penh is Koh Dach or Silk Island.

By clicking on the + and – buttons, you can zoom in and out.

By hovering your mouse over the map, you’ll see names of neighbourhoods, sights and places of interest. Click and a popup window will tell you more about that specific place.

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Phnom Penh

Livability surveys (e.g. by The Economist) regularly put Phnom Penh in the bottom 10 of "Livable Cities". Well, I say this: these survey guys are sitting overseas just collecting data, but have never actually been here, let alone live. This is for them:

I love Phnom Penh