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Video: Cambodia’s Water Festival

Water Festival Phnom PenhThe annual Water Festival in Phnom Penh is coming up. It will be held from Saturday November 20th to Monday November 22nd, but expect festivities starting already on Friday Night.

More than 400 boats, propelled by precision-trained oarsmen, take part in the boat races and the city takes on a carnival air during this period.

Open-air live concerts are held, make-shift food stalls selling a variety of local fare are set up in parks and children as well as adults take rides on ferris wheels.

So I was looking for a video to get you in the mood and found a very nice one, made by Camboya Increíble, which I think is a specialized travel agency, if I understood the Spanish on the website right.

See this video of the Water Festival in 2009, made by Salvador Fernández of Camboya Increíble. Check the interesting tours they have on offer (that is, if you are able to read Spanish).

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A video made by a traveler from Malaysia.

This video starts with shots (some blurred) on the Tonle Sap with the camera just above the water.

It then goes on with shots of Angkor Wat and other temples capturing their beauty and mystery.

Cambodia as we love it!

Video: Cambodian SUV drivers are bastards

Cambodia is a wonderful country with some lovely people, except for one race: drivers of big SUV’s who all think they are above the law. In October 2010, an expat witnessed something that happens every day in this country, but what happened next is almost beyond belief if it wasn’t recorded on video.

Video: The Spirit of Cambodia

So there is this guy on Vimeo, called properniceinnit, who spend two weeks in Cambodia and made an amazing video.

He says this about the country: I was fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks in Cambodia, if you haven’t yet been, go. I had an amazing time and would highly recommend visiting.

Yes, of course Angkor Wat features in this 5 minute video, but like Cambodia is much more than it’s temples, properniceinnit has succeeded in capturing the spirit of the country. He himself gave his video the simple title Cambodia, but I think it should be renamed in The Spirit of Cambodia.