The South of Cambodia

by CamboGuide | May 22, 2010 4:19 pm

Most travellers head to southern Cambodia to hit the beaches at Sihanoukville. While the sandy stretches are worthy of putting your feet up for a few days, there’s more to see and do in that part of the country.

The charming towns of Kampot and Kep, the almost deserted (and nicer) beaches of Rabbit Island, pepper plantations, limestone caves, and Bokor Hill Station,

However, the latter is not what it used to be, as a modern (and ugly) resort and casino are now on top of the mountain.

beautiful sunsets from kampot's riverside[1]

Kampot & Kep[2]

If you want to be in a rural part of Cambodia that is within an hour moto ride from a National Park, the ocean, caves and miles of rice fields… this is the place for you. Read more…[3]

genuine kampot pepper, cambodia[4]

Around Kampot[5]

Meet the locals at the popular swimming hole in Tek Chhou river, visit the pepper plantations in Kampot province and explore the limestone caves. Relaxed and friendly Kampot is a gem! Read more…[6]

charm of bokor mountain, kampot, cambodia[7]


Bokor Mountain[8]

During the French occupation, the French built a luxury resort town on the very top of Bokor. In 2008 work has begun to build a new upscale resort on the top. The road to Bokor Hill therefor is closed, but you can still hike up the mountain. Read more…[9]

a true beach paradise, rabbit island, cambodia[10]

Rabbit Island[11]

Ko Tonsay, or Rabbit Island, is a lovely and truly idyllic little island that sits offshore from Kep. Tourists are drawn to the two beautiful white sand beaches. The sea here is shallow, making Koh Tonsay excellent for swimming. Read more…[12]

beautiful diving spots, cambodia, sihanoukville[13]


The sea waters off the coast of Sihanoukville offer great diving spots. The most professional diving school is Scuba Nation, the only 5 star PADI dive centre in Cambodia. Read more…[15]

close to phnom penh, kirirom national park[16]

Kirirom Park[17]

Kirirom is a nice day trip or a chill out point between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. Especially interesting is the Chambok Ecotourism site. Read more…[18]

rough wilderness, cardamom mountains, cambodia[19]


Named after the spice that still grows on its slopes, the Cardamom Mountains are Cambodia’s last true wilderness. Read more…[21]

nice retreat, koh russei, sihanoukville, cambodia[22]

Koh Russei[23]

There are many wonders of natural beauty hidden in the islands near Sihanoukville. One such island is Koh Russei. Read more…[24]

birdwatcher's paradise, ream national park, cambodia[25]

Ream Park[26]

A lush, green ecosystem, including mangrove forests, an estuary, two islands, isolated beaches, and off-shore coral reefs. Read more…[27]

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